A new challenge for Paris 2024 Olympic games! 🏆

Twenty two months till The Paris 2024 Olympic Games!

Embark with us in a crazy adventure! 🧶

What if, in order to create an artistic installation, we collected more than a million squares and pompons from all over France and the 206 Olympic committees before July 26, 2024?

We often hear that we are 4 handshakes away from each person in the world. So with the mobilization of a maximum of people of all ages and all backgrounds (entrepreneurs, employees, citizens, students, schoolchildren, seniors, athletes …): we are convinced that we can do it!

Pierre de Coubertin said “faster, higher, stronger and better”… Let’s be inspired by this motto to live an extraordinary collective adventure!

How to participate in this challenge?

1 – By relaying it on social networks or around you

In 10 seconds top chrono, it is possible to support the project and to participate by liking and sharing this post/article! Easy, isn’t it? 😊

And if you have a little more time, talk about it around you to your co-workers, your neighbors, your family, in your club, your kids’ school, your parents’ or grandparents’ Ehpad, your community…

2 – By knitting and/or pompom making

Poms or squares, everyone chooses their team!

Closets are treasures, there are always small balls or balls ready to be delivered for a second life… And what a new life: a firework of colors!

Team pompons: simple and efficient!
A pompon is 10 minutes and as we say in our house, “the pompon break, it puts you back in shape”!
👉 Find our (french) tuto of pompons HERE.

Team squares: a know-how open to all!
A 5x5cm square in knitting is between 5 minutes (for experts) and 30 minutes (for beginners). A hook or a pair of needles, a bit of concentration and once it’s done, let yourself be overwhelmed by the knitting therapy! And yes, did you know that knitting is considered the yoga of the 21st century?
👉 Find our squares tuto HERE.

Alone at home, in small groups, on lunch break at work or school benches, on weekends with neighbors or family… Put some color in your daily life and let the yarn accompany you; this same yarn that will weave links between you and thousands of people who will join this challenge!

Today, about 8000 people participate in the Knit-A-Smile project throughout the world and 100,000 little squares are sent each year to our Rouen office. With a little help from everyone, we are convinced that this goal of one million squares is achievable.

Let’s share this madness, write new stories and weave a common future!

Each of the Knit-A-Smile works embodies the strength of the collective. Behind each square or each pompom hides a person, a story, an encounter, a thread from an old sweater, a ball of yarn from a birth gift… Thus, our installations express life and the hopes we can nourish in living together…

We believe in our dreams and we believe in you.

To learn more about the project, visit our website or social networks.
And if you have any comments, remarks, ideas or questions, write us: associationcitemomes@gmail.com / tricoteunsourire@gmail.com !

On your marks, get set… Like! 👍