How to participate ?

Our aim is “to make people smile”, we decided to have you participate to a fun, artistic and human project : we conceive and realise giant artworks inspired by Monet’s painting only from 2X2 inches knitted or crocheted squares (warning ! any stitch, except Stockinette and Ribs !)

You can drop off your squares in our square box :

You can send them by mail to our association in France : Citémômes / Knit a square – 11 rue du moulinet 76000 Rouen – France

If you are a store, a structure or an association, you can create your own box and collect your squares and we send them later ! If you are motivated, send us an email so that we can communicate on your place and send you additional info !

Our objective is to collect 100 000 squares and finish the artworks for 2020.