How to participate ?

Because our aim is “to make people smile“, we have decided to involve you to a fun, artistic and human project : we conceive and realize giant artworks inspired by Monet’s painting only from 2×2 inches knitted or crocheted squares (warning! any stitch, except stockinette and ribs!).


You can drop off your squares in our squares boxes (referenced on this map):


You are a store, a cultural structure or an association?

Wherever you are in the world, you can create your own box and collect your squares and send them to us later ! If you are motivated, send us an email so that we can communicate on your place and send you further info!

You can send them by mail to our association in France : 

Citémômes / Tricote un sourire – 11 rue du moulinet 76000 Rouen – FRANCE

Here is a form to be printed or copied that you can now slip into your mailings of little squares !

So… Let’s go! 

French website