Our first artwork “Suzanne” was made based on Femme à l’ombrelle tournée vers la gauche.

Our second artwork, Lyly, is based on Pont au-dessus d’un bassin de nymphéas(or Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies), which is part of the METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART collection in New York.

For this third adventure, we have chosen Monet’s Water Lilies series because it’s a universal artwork and a symbol of peace. There are 254 listed artworks by Monet depicting water lilies, these are spread over 5 continents in museums around the world. So we started by making a work of art for each continent!

From Paris to San Francisco via Cairo, Tokyo and Camberra… Here is our Water Lilies World Tour, exhibited in Vogue Knitting Live in January 2020.

Our 5 artworks in Vogue Knitting Live! New York, January 2020.

On the beginning of the year 2020, we are very happy to unveil the visual of our future-new knit board!

The Waterlilies, 1908 by Claude Monet, a tondo, i.e. a work in round format, painted in the garden of Giverny and exhibited at the Museum of Vernon (in Normandy, France). A special wink to the Normandy Impressionist Festival with a painting exhibited in the Department of Eure, not far from the famous house of the painter.

Get your needles ready to knit 5x5cm squares and take up this new challenge with us!

Below is the palette of this new painting: a sample of colours that would be very useful for the realization of this new painting… But as usual, we collect ALL the squares, no matter what their colour!

To follow the journey …

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