For a Knit a Smile, it’s well known, 

But did you know that

On this difficult beginning of the year when we are forced to stay at home, we need more than ever to smile and bring a good dose of joy and good humour to our days. That’s why we invite you today to take part in our #smileathome operation! And to do so, nothing could be simpler: make one or more Lumi!

In case you don’t know him yet, Lumi has been our mascot since the beginning of the “Knit a Smile” project 5 years ago; a little square of black and white knitwear, an informed globetrotter who always smiles! Today, many of you have made your Lumi and take it with you on your travels or in your daily adventures.

What if we were even more? What if we invade our current daily life with smiles?

To create your own Lumi, you actually need very little:

  • 1 square of 10x10cm (knitted or not) and any colour,
  •  2 eyes,
  • 1 mouth… In other words, a smile!

Then, anything goes! Customize it to your liking and with what you have at home. Find the tuto of our Lumi in knitting and crochet just HERE !

Don’t know how to knit or haven’t knitted for a long time? Don’t panic! You can take the opportunity to challenge yourself to learn or just start again. But for this project, exclusivity is not given to knitting or crochet, surprise and impress us!

Fabrics, paper, cardboard… All materials are good!

For example : 

Once your Lumi is ready:

  • take a picture of it with you and/or your family (smiling, of course!), unless you are too shy,
  • send us, the photo(s), by email to tricoteunsourire@gmail.com, or by text/WhatsApp at,
  • share your pictures on your social networks with hashtags :

And when that time is over and we can go outside again:

  • you’ll be able to give that smile to someone you love or who’s been alone during confinement, a senior person alone at home or in an EHPAD… To whomever you want!
  • you can also send them to us at our premises (Citémômes, 11 rue du Moulinet, 76000 Rouen), or drop them off at our existing small knitting squares (see our “smile’s map“: https://knitasmile.com/how-to-participate/) with your contact details and a little note to accompany them. If you are not inspired, you can consult and/or print the small form available by clicking below :

To make the web where we spend a lot of time at the moment smile, to make people smile in Normandy, in France and beyond our borders… To see that together we are stronger! The smile is universal and knows no limits!

This challenge proposes to keep young and old busy during this special time, and this, by bringing good mood! With your Lumi, everything becomes possible: you can assemble them into pretty garlands, hang them in your interiors, on your doors and mailboxes to make your neighbours smile, or hang them on your windows or balconies.

You can also take advantage of having a little more time than usual to tidy up and rediscover forgotten treasures such as small buttons, scraps of fabric, paper, old magazines… Don’t hesitate to recycle the cardboard packaging… With a few felt-tip pens and pencils, a little music and a good dose of inspiration: the trick is done! Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to participate!

With all your smiles, we would like to create artistic installations in various public places in order to convey this message together: “it was difficult, but together we succeeded!”. We haven’t yet defined exactly what’s next…

But trust us, there’s no shortage of ideas!

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