This project has for goal to demonstrate that knitting is a new inter-generational tendency which isn’t only reserved to grandmas ! An ambitious project which spreads on the entire Normand territory and beyond, and it aims to encourage the creation of links between people from different ages and also between structures at the same time cultural and businesslike or dedicated to elderly persons.

The idea is that anyone can participate in any way : by knitting a square at home, by coming in a knitting workshop to talk, or, by creating a project in a structure. There are countless boxes for knitted squares growing on the whole territory in order to collect the utmost of squares and to federate the population around a fun and citizen project !

The ultimate goal is to add value to all those squares through art installations or exhibitions. At every event, a part of the collected squares is kept to do bigger and bigger events, and the other part goes to “social” knitting with the creation of blankets and textile accessories for kids and newborn babies.We realize many challenges in the year for solidarity projects : Knitted preemie octopus, little hat (the innocent big knit), nursing covers and baby accessories, knitted knockers… With little squares evrerything is possible !

At every step, smiles, people participating, structures welcoming new people, elderly people valued and happy to find a place in society, bystanders seeing colored spaces and reappropriate places, newborn babies start their lives with a unique blanket…

”A smile costs less than electricity but gives much light” said Abbé Pierre.

Our objective : 1 square = 1 smile ! 

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