“Together we are Monet”, the come back!

With the beginning of the year and the arrival of a spring that brings the promise of renewal, our “Together we are Monet” challenge is back.

After Suzanne, The Bridge and The Water Lilies World Tour, we will be creating one of the 30 Cathedrals of Rouen painted by Claude Monet and now on display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, USA:

Why the Cathedral ?

In this complicated context, the notion of the essential came back to us all like a slap in the face. Thus, our team wanted to go back to our roots by honoring the cathedral of Rouen, Normandy, our city, where Knit a Smile was born more than 6 years ago, and where our other works “Together we are Monet” were created from scratch.

Impassive monument, always standing, rarely looked at because drowned in the whirlwind of everyday life, the cathedral, whatever the city, is part of the environment of everyone. A part of all our lives, certainly; but what about the centuries dedicated to the construction of such an architectural jewel? Structuring the daily life whatever our confession, it is always there, as a survivor, humble, always accessible and only in relation to the heritage we still have.

Like a lighthouse, we hope that it enlightens us all, to guide us towards better days to (re)build.

Announced last year, our Water Lilies World Tour project is still on course, but now needs to take a new route. We will not fail to keep you informed.

We look forward to taking you on board with us in this new (and crazy) adventure! Thank you for your loyalty and support.

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